Revival of Traditions – Hong Kong’s 6th International Chinese Costume Festival

*This video was originally published on YouTube on March 20th, 2017.

international chinese costume festival

college students in traditional Chinese costumes (photo sourced from Timable Hong Kong)

The International Chinese Costume Festival is an annual carnival organized by FUZI Chamber and endorsed by the Hong Kong government in an attempt to invite local and international communities to revisit and reinvent Chinese traditions at the Cultural Piazza in downtown Tsim Sha Tsui. Continue reading


7 Pointers for Single People on Surviving Valentine’s Day

*This article was originally published on Shroffed on February 14th, 2017.

single ppl surviving v-day

the Valentine’s Day Conundrum for single people (photo taken by Cindy Ko Tsz Yan and Pao Roann)

Roses, chocolates and cheesy love songs. When they say love’s in the air, that air can sometimes appear rather exclusive. I’m complaining on your behalf, single people. Continue reading

HKSEVENS – A Rugby Tournament? A Beer Festival? A Costume Party!

soldier girls

Lucy Hunt and Keira Mounding from the UK dressing up as soldier girls (photo taken by Lexie Ma Xiaochi)

Here’s a simple chemistry question for you. Mix a vial of costume creativity with a flask of rugby madness. Catalyze the reaction with two cups of alcoholic euphoria and what do you get? HKSEVENS, no doubt! Continue reading

Ching Ming Festival World Map – How People Honor the Dead All Around the Globe

ching ming festival

a well-known traditional Chinese poem entitled Ching Ming authored by Du Mu in late Tang Dynasty (photo sourced from CCTV-4)

Ching Ming Festival falls on April 4th this year as a centuries-old tradition for the ethnic Chinese to pay respect to their previous generations. Continue reading

5 Tropical Fruits That Complete Your Ultimate Travel Experience


tropical fruits (photo taken by Katherina Liu Pengyu)

Winter seems to be a thing of the past as the Chinese New Year holiday recently drew to an end. While many preferred to take temporary refuge from Hong Kong’s chilly winds in equatorial Southeast Asian countries, places like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have so much more to offer other than warm rays and paradisiac beaches. Continue reading